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The Evolution of WA Biomedical Engineering Society

Nov 16, 2021

BES was founded in 2017, with the introduction of a new biomedical engineering course at the University of Western Australia (UWA). The two-part degree involved a three-year Bachelor of Science, majoring in engineering science and with a two-year Master of Professional engineering. It is the only university in WA to offer a course in biomedical engineering. To accommodate the new course, BES was founded, initially called "UWA Biomedical Engineering Society" with aims to connect UWA to Perth's medtech ecosystem. The club became affiliated with the UWA Guild shortly after its establishment. 

In later years, BES changed its name to "WA Biomedical Engineering Society," to ensure inclusion of other universities across WA with connections to the medtech industries, and to signify its expansion beyond just UWA. However, the club was still affiliated with UWA guild and run primarily by UWA undergraduate and postgraduate students.

In 2021, WA BES underwent a structural reform to create the four groups that are responsible for the club. 

Development: workshops for university students to promote the development of technical and soft skills.

Industry engagement: networking events that connect students to Perth's medtech and biotech industries. 

Marketing: club and event marketing and photography.

Student engagement: social activities run to engage the biomedical engineering cohort of UWA.

The Evolution of WA Biomedical Engineering Society: News
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BES in 2017


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